Divine Occasions Africa is your one stop shop for the best solution provider for Brand Activation, wedding planning, corporate Events, Exhibitions, Fashions Shows, Social Functions such as birthdays, graduations, home functions.

What Do We Do?

We believe that each event is unique, with its own objectives and challenges. We also know that to deliver a successful event, you need an event management partner that understands this. We believe events are so much more than parties and conferences. Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark change.


Integrity – We adhere to honesty and ethical values.

Going the extra mile by applying creativity and innovation.

Professionalism – We offer quality products and services. We also ensureefficiency by putting deliberate effort in meeting our clients’ timeline throughthe use of technology to save on time.

Reliability – We commit and dedicate to meeting our clients’ needs byensuring dependability in capacity and meeting timelines.

Enthusiasm – We take pride in making events interesting and fun for our clients.

Business Goals & Objectives

From start to finish, we strive to plan and implement the perfect event experience that clearly communicates our client’s vision and exceed their goals