Planning That Dream Event and For Less

The thought of planning an event can be a daunting task and worse still is the thought of how deep it’s going to cut into your wallet. Fret not as i am here to change that mentality. Once you know what you want, (i can guide you on this as well) the rest is easy.

There’s this illegal thought that the bigger the number of invitees, the more the event is likely to be ‘lit’ Mmmh, is this true or not? Well, in the long (relative) time i’ve done this, there’s one constant, the more the guests there are in an event, the higher the chances of things going south and fast.

Cordination at an event is paramount and this becomes greatly afffected when the number of guests being tended to is high. For instance, look at those shags weddings with zero planning, food budgetting becomes an issue, where the first guests being served enjoy a sizeable meal, but as the queues increase, and others queue for a second helping (we’ve all witnessed this) guests are served with a meal that even a toddler would complain and when the food runs out, the lucky ones end up getting a piece of a watermelon.

The idea is to ensure your guest list remains as minimal as possible, such events are easy to plan, handle and execute and everyone goes home happy, and not just everyone, your wallet too will have experienced a little mishandling 😉